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Carlinville Public Library

Carlinville City Cemetery

Carlinville City Cemetery: (500 block of Mayo Street).

The Carlinville City Cemetery has tombstones dating back to the early 1830s.  This cemetery is the final resting place for a disproportionate number of prominent citizens.  Among the notable burials are:

  • John M. Palmer (1817-1900), the 15th Governor of Illinois from 1869-73, U.S. Senator from 1891-97, and Gold Democrat Presidential candidate in 1896. He was a Civil War major general and commander of the Corps who fought with distinction at Stones River, Chickamauga, and elsewhere.
  • Richard Rowett (1830-1887), a Civil War brigade commander, state politician, and nationally recognized breeder of thoroughbreds, including a Kentucky Derby winner. He also introduced the true-bred beagle hound to America.
  • Gideon Blackburn (1772-1838), the founder of Blackburn College and the President of Centre College in Kentucky from 1827-30.
  • Walter O. Woods (1875-1951), the United States treasurer from 1929-33. His name appeared in all paper currency during that time.
  • Gustave Loehr (1864-1918), one of the original founders of Rotary International, a premier service organizations of the world, who hosted the first-ever Rotary meeting in his office in Chicago in 1905.
  • Willian B. Otwell (1863-1941), who is credited as the founder of the 4-H movement and whose iris fields on the west edge of Carlinville attracted national acclaim and thousands of spectators.
  • John I. Rinaker (1830-1915), a Carlinville lawyer, Civil War brigade commander, and one-term Congressman.
  • Lucinda Corr (1844-1914), the first female medical graduate in Macoupin County.
  • John D. Conley (1843-1926, a founding faculty member of the University of Wyoming and second president of the university.
  • Ezekiel Good (1796-1834), considered the first white settler in Carlinville. The cemetery was created on land owned by Good.

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