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Carlinville Public Library

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The Library


The Carlinville Public Library is located at 510 North Broad.  The library provides services to all residents living within the Carlinville city boundary and, for a fee, to all others within the Carlinville Community School District #1.

The library is a member of the Illinois Heartland Library System with access to more than 10 million books, magazines, DVDs, CDs, audiobooks, eAudiobooks, and eBooks.  The System covers 28,141 square miles and has more than 500 members.  Materials may be ordered 24/7 online and through the SHARE Mobile App.  In addition to these items, thousands of people enter the library to utilize print and electronic reference resources, access the Internet through the library's fiber-optic connection, enjoy state-of-the-art Wi-Fi service, research family genealogy, view a library exhibit, or attend one of the library's many events.  Five public access computers, copying and faxing services are available.

Our friendly and professional staff is eager to help you.  Welcome to the Carlinville Public Library!

Our Mission

It is the mission of the Carlinville Public Library to increase usage of our beautiful facility by providing books, materials, and services that support the educational enrichment of the community,  encourage recreational reading, and introduce children to the world of books.

Our History

The first meeting of the Library Society was held on January 1, 1870.  With $400.00 in the treasury, the Society opened Carlinville's first library in the Good Templar's Hall (126 E. Main Street).  Later in the year it was moved to the basement of the Macoupin County Courthouse. 
Miss Susan Dick was Head Librarian from March 1877-February 1884.  When Miss Dick died in 1914, she left the Society a plot of land and $8,000.00.  She asked the Society to build "a good substantial building, the outside of pressed bricks, two stories high, with modern improvements, basement, and a handsome front."  This building is located at 112 East First North Street.
In 1927 the society gave the library to the City of Carlinville. 
The Head Librarians since then have been:  Elizabeth Deadrick (1927-1962),  Virginia Surman (1962-1976), Iris Zimmer (1976-1995), Elizabeth Kaburick (1995-2007), and Janet Howard (2007-2021).
The library contents were moved to the library's present location, 510 North Broad Street, in 1997.  A flatbed truck and multiple cars were used to move the boxes of books and other items.  At that time the library had approximately 25,000 books.  The library now has more than 37,000 items in its database.  More than 10 million items are available through the Illinois Heartland Library System.
Local artist, Nan Steinmeyer, painted the mural that is the backdrop of the stage located in the children's section.  The mural follows the tale of her Doberman puppy's adventures after she falls into a magic rabbit hole.


Kris Rosentreter-President

Margaret Fehr- Vice-President

Carl Zeidler- Treasurer

Dana Yowell-Secretary

Rosemary Clark-Trustee

Tom Emery-Trustee

Sue Rush-Trustee

Diane Aikin-Trustee

Polly Eldred-Trustee


A request for records may be made in person or in writing.  The request must identify in a reasonable manner the records that are to be requested.  The request should not be “unduly burdensome.”   A request for public records must be granted or denied in 7 working days.  If additional time is required, the Library will notify the person making the request by letter specifying the reason for the delay and the date when either the records will be released or the denial of the request will be made.  If the request for documents is denied, the persons making the request must be notified by letter within 7 days and the reason for denying the request must be given.  The denial must also state that an appeal may be made to the President of the Board of Directors.  If that appeal is also denied, the person requesting the information has a right to judicial review.  Copies of all letters of denial must be retained in a single file that is open to the public.


A copy of the audit management letter and audited financial statements submitted by the auditor are available through the City of Carlinville's website:  It is listed in the Quick Links column under "City Financial Reporting to the State of Illinois."