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Carlinville Public Library

Carlinville Historical Trails



This walking/driving tour includes historical buildings and sites where Abraham Lincoln gave speeches, held trials, and stayed in Carlinville.  

Trail One starts: HERE

  1. Site of First and Second Macoupin County Courthouses (Center of the Historic Square). 
  2. Site of The Loomis House (118 E. Side Square).  Site of Loehr’s Drug Store
  3. Site of first Ariston Café on the original alignment of Route 66:  (232 E. Side Square). 
  4. Macoupin County “Million Dollar Courthouse”: (210 East Main).
  5.  Macoupin County “Cannonball Jail”:(205 East First South Street).  
  6. Governor John M. Palmer Home (305 South East Street). 5b. East Wing of the Governor Palmer House (233 E. 2nd South) 
  7.  Carlinville City Cemetery: (500 block of Mayo Street).
  8.  Site of Bell from the Second Courthouse (St. Paul’s Episcopal Church - 415 South Broad Street).
  9.   Lincoln Boulder (Methodist Church - 100 block of East First Street).
  10.  Site of the Illinois Traction System and Depot (125 North West Street).
  11.  Marvel Theater (228 West Main Street).
  12. Site of the American House: (300 West Main Street)
  13. Home of Bela White: (311 West Main Street).
  14. Site of Old City Hall and Firehouse (129 West Main Street).



This walking/driving tour tells the story of Carlinville through the centuries, featuring homes and neighborhoods of Carlinville's historic past and highlighting initiatives and projects of present-day Carlinville.  Starting at the Square again, this trail is approx. 3.5 miles.  

Trail Two starts: HERE

  1. Site of First and Second Macoupin County Courthouses: (Center of the Historic Square). 
  2. Site of The Loomis House/ Site of Loehr’s Drug Store:  (North east side of the Square).
  3. Site of first Ariston Café on original alignment of Route 66: (Corner of the Historic Square and East Main Street).
  4. Macoupin County “Million Dollar Courthouse”: (Between East First South and East Main Streets).
  5. Macoupin County “Cannonball Jail”: (205 East First South Street). 
  6. Catalpa Tree: (Heinz Funeral Home/St. Paul’s United Church of Christ -202 East Main Street)
  7. The Silk Stocking District: (East Main Street)
  8. Site of Joseph Borough Home: (1135 East Main Street).
  9. Blackburn College: (700 College Avenue).
  10. Blackburn Solar Array: (1100 block of University Street).
  11. Standard Addition Sears Homes: (Boundaries: Whitley Street to the North, Burton Street to the South, University Street to the East and High Street to the West)   
  12. Granny Wilson’s Garden: (Carlinville Plaza and Wilson Street)
  13. REO Truck Garden and Bee Sculpture: (Carlinville Plaza)
  14. Bee City Sculpture and Garden: (Carlinville Plaza).
  15. Catalpa Row: (Carlinville Plaza).
  16. Site of Standard Oil Company Store: (233 Rice Street).   
  17. 66 Kiosk and Pollinator Garden: (550 North Broad Street).
  18. Site of Standard Oil Mine Office: (257 North Broad Street).


Tour the Pollinator Garden at the Amtrak Station, and take an easy walk across the railroad tracks to Carlinville High School campus.  Cross the street from the student parking lot and view the site of the old Otwell Iris Fields, which brought thousands of visitors to town annually.  Next, walk or drive to the Macoupin County Historical Society.  

Trail Three starts: HERE

  1.  Amtrak Station (128 Alton Road)
  2.  Carlinville Middle School/High School Campus and Pollinator Gardens (829 West Main Street)
  3.  Site of Otwell Iris Fields (1030 West Main Street)
  4.  Macoupin County Historical Society (920 West  Breckenridge Street)


This project was made possible by the Foreground Rural Initiative grant to Carlinville Winning Communities.  Illinois Humanities generously supports our work to strengthen our community, to better understand ourselves and those who were here before us.

A special thank you to all others who dreamed, researched, designed, donated, edited, and labored. We appreciate every one of you.

Visit the Old Cannonball Jail (205 E. 1st South St.) for other tourist information and brochures.