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Carlinville Public Library

Catalpa Row

Catalpa Row (Carlinville Plaza)

Carlinville is becoming known for our new Northern Catalpa tree increase.  Each year, seeds are harvested from the famous Catalpa tree at 212 East Main Street, seedlings are started and distributed to the public at no cost.  The first new specimens were planted from this tree in Loveless Park in 2020.  That year, the harvest and reproduction was prolific. Fifty eight trees were distributed and among the first were the eight you see on Catalpa Row, lining the West end of the grassy area just north of REO Truck Pollinator Garden at the Carlinville Plaza on the original alignment of Route 66.

Clockwise from left: a healthy Catalpa seedling; Catalpa seedlings planted in 'Catalpa Row'; planting a tree; and the 2020 seedling Catalpa at Loveless Park

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