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Home of Bela White

Home of Bela White: (311 West Main Street)

This little brick house is unique because it was built by a woman, Bela White. With its front door opening directly onto the sidewalk, it is the last survivor of several similar houses which once stood on West Main Street.  It is also one of the oldest homes surviving in town, having been built circa1839.  The home appears from the street to be original although additions have been made.  The small cellar has coops that lock which suggests something of value was kept there.  


Recent photo of 311 West Main St.

The current owners, Bill and Karen Harper have the original abstract which dates back to the first purchase of the land.  In the 1860s, George E. Deiss, a German immigrant blacksmith and locksmith, operated his business in a large old barn to the rear of the premises. He created the beautiful old ironwork that remains in the house today.  The house and property remained in the Deiss family for over a 100 years.  The home was once a candy store and has been used for business purposes since the 1980s when Dean and Maureen Dixon of Carlinville purchased and renovated to be used as an office.

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