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Carlinville Public Library

REO Truck Garden

REO Truck Garden and Bee Sculpture: (Carlinville Plaza)

This large native plant garden was created by a partnership with the Carlinville Plaza and Bobbi’s Greenhouse. Both being supporters of the “Make Carlinville Beautiful” efforts, designed a garden to eliminate mowing and re-direct traffic into the parking lot.   

REO Truck Garden - how it started

The 1946 REO Speedwagon Truck in the garden is a reminder of simpler times and country gardening along old Route 66.  The REO served our nation as a navy ammunition hauler and now sits proudly on the mound where native shrubs and flowers grow through the bed and around all sides.  The Illinois based band, REO Speedwagon, was named after what is known as the first truck, the REO.

How it's growing!

Carlinville is pleased to have this opportunity to display the truck and looks forward to planning festivals where it can be seen along with the beautiful flowers and Bee Sculpture.  Spring,  Summer, and Fall are perfect times to tour the garden, when wildflowers and native shrubs are blooming.  Birds and bees forage here and take shelter from the weather.

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