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Carlinville Public Library

Rt. 66 Kiosk and Pollinator Garden at City Hall

66 Kiosk and Pollinator Garden at City Hall: (550 North Broad Street)

Two views of Rt. 66 Kiosk and small pollinator garden at City Hall (550 North Broad St. at Nicholas St.)

From 1926-1930, the city of Carlinville was on the original alignment of Route 66.  The State of Illinois used existing roads, which passed through small rural towns and communities, giving Route 66 the nickname “Main Street of America”.  These communities saw a burst of economic activity as travelers needed places to stay, eat, and buy gas so these businesses sprouted up along the highway.

This garden was planted in memory of past civic servants in Carlinville and expanded in 2020 to include shrubs and plants that benefit the environment and feed birds and insects.  The Serviceberry Tree provides prolific fruit which locals make a grab for to make delicious jelly.

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