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Carlinville Public Library

Your Library Card

Getting a card, renewing materials, placing holds, etc.

Who can get a card
Anyone who has a permanent address or owns property within Carlinville city limits is entitled to a library card. Children must be at least 5 years of age to obtain a library card.  Only adult cards can be used to checkout DVDs. With your Carlinville Public Library card, you are able to check out items at  more than 600 other Illinois Heartland Library System member libraries.

Non-residence fees
Persons living outside the city limits of Carlinville (but having Carlinville Public Library as their closest public library and within the Carlinville Community School District) may pay a non-resident fee; as of July 1, 2017 it is $60.00 annually. This fee entitles any family member living at the same address to obtain a library card.  These cards may be used at the Carlinville Public Library or at any member library of the Illinois Heartland Library System. Only adult cards can be used to checkout DVDs.

How to Get Your Card
In order to obtain a library card, you must come in to the library. Anyone under the age of 16 is considered a juvenile and a parent's or legal guardian's signature is required. To apply for a juvenile's card, the parent/guardian is required to bring a form of identification with current address, a picture ID, and a bill or letter addressed to her/him at the address (must have been received within the past 7 days).  Adults are required to bring a form of identification with their current permanent address on it along with a picture ID, and a bill or letter addressed to them at the address (must have been received within the past 7 days).

Borrowing Limits
There is a three month probationary period for new patrons. During this time, only three items are allowed to be checked out at any one time.  New patrons can not order materials through Interlibrary Loan until their probationary period has been successfully completed.  There is a limit of 5 items on DVDs and audiobooks.

Placing Holds
Patrons may come into or call the library to request a hold. Patrons may also place holds in the Illinois Heartland Library System online card catalog. First login to your account - you will need to know three things: your name, your barcode, and your pin number. If you are unsure of your pin number or don't know if you have one, please call the library. We can't see what it is, but we can change it for you.

Renewing Your Borrowed Items
You may renew items by calling or coming into the library. You may also renew items at home, if the item is not already overdue, by logging into your account. You can choose to renew all items or selected items. If there is a "hold" on the item - meaning someone else is waiting for it - you will not be able to renew it.  If it is overdue or you owe a fine-you will not be able to renew it.

eBook Borrowing

With your library card and pin number, you can download the Cloud Library app onto your smart phone, laptop, tablet, pc, Mac, or other device and check out eBooks for up to 3 weeks.

Library Fines
A fine of 10 cents per item, per day will be charged for overdue items. Items more than three weeks overdue will enter a billed status, and a replacement fee will be issued. Anyone owing $5.00 or more will not be allowed to check out materials or to use the public access computers until the fine is paid. The Cloud Library will not allow checkouts on an account with any overdue fees.   All lost or damaged materials must be paid at the replacement cost, plus a $5.00 handling fee.