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Carlinville Public Library

Computer Use

Who can use a computer?

Anyone 18 and older may use the computers after signing the computer use agreement. Children, 10-17 may use the computers after a parent or legal guardian has signed the computer use agreement. Children under 10 may use the computers, but only under the constant supervision of a parent or legal guardian who has signed a computer use agreement.

How many computers does the library have?

We have 5 patron computers including one dedicated computer in the Genealogy Room for genealogy research. 

Do I need to have a library card to use the computers?

No. All you need to do is read, sign, and abide by the Computer Use Policy.

What is the Computer Use Policy?

 The Computer Use Policy is simply an agreement between yourself and the Carlinville Public Library stating that you will abide by the rules of the library and the computer lab.

Carlinville Public Library Computer Use Policy

The library is CIPA (Children's Internet Protection Act) compliant.  Library staff will not monitor a patron's use of any sites except where CIPA protocols have been circumvented and material displayed on the screen is not appropriate in a public setting. Users are not permitted to display nudity, obscenity, or graphic violence at any time.

 Printing is $.10 per black and white page, $.50 per color page. Addition charges for larger paper.

Downloading information from the Internet must comply with copyright laws. Plagiarism is illegal.

Library staff does not tutor unless a specific time is set up in advance. Staff does not have expertise in all software.

Library users AGE 18 AND OVER may use the computers after reading and signing this agreement. Parents/Guardians of users under 18 must come to the library and sign this agreement prior to computer use being authorized. Children under 10 must be accompanied AND supervised by a parent/legal guardian who has a singed computer users agreement  at all times. Users may sign up for 1 visit for 1 hour per day. Another hour is allowed IF no one is waiting for a computer. You may be asked to leave at anytime during the second hour. Priority is given to those working on school assignments, resume preparation, etc.

The Internet is a global electronic network with no local, state, or federal control over its users or content. The Internet may contain inaccurate or outdated information or materials that may offend users. Carlinville Public Library is not responsible for information found on the Internet.

Use of the computers is a privilege, not a right. Library staff will restrict usage for patrons who will not abide by the regulations of the library as a whole, or the specific regulations governing the use of the computers. Control of the computer room and its users is at the discretion of the Carlinville Public Library staff. Anyone owing $5.00 or more will not be allowed to use the computers until the fine is paid.